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Blossoming Bump provides a wonderful continuity of care model to women and their families in the Peel region. Our professional midwifery service will provide you with the knowledge and advise to support a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. 

Expecting a newborn is an exciting chapter in your life but can also be a bit daunting, especially for first time parents. This is why we provide a wide range of antenatal classes that are evidence based, informative and fun. 

Pregnancy Test

What to expect from your Blossoming Bump Midwives

As Endorsed Midwives we provide continuity of care throughout pregnancy and the postnatal period. We provide antenatal care that covers all aspects of your care including booking into hospital, ordering and interpreting blood tests and scans, and all your routine pregnancy visits, monitoring your own and your babies physical and mental well being. 


After your baby is born you will receive postnatal care at the beautiful Blossoming Bump Clinic.

If you are needing assistance with breast feeding we can arrange appointments with the lactation consultant, which is also bulk billed.

Private lactation appointments are available if your baby is over 6 weeks of age  (fee applies). 

All appointments are bulk billed and our private care is in collaboration with Dr Van Der Merwe, a local GP Obstetrician. Should any pregnancy complications occur, we will consult with the relevant medical professional to ensure we address the issue quickly.

From March 1st 2023 all new patients will be required to pay an admin fee. 

Your pregnancy care will take place at Blossoming Bump, 86 Anstruther Road Mandurah 6210.

Please message if you would like further information or would like to arrange an appointment.

A GP referral is not required to provide care. 

Our Education Classes

Blossoming Bump believes that every woman deserves the right to have the knowledge and skills to be able to prepare their mind and body to have a positive birth experience.


We are extremely passionate about birth being memorable and positive and want to provide you with the education and support to help you feel empowered and have the knowledge and understanding to have the best pregnancy, labour and birth possible.

Blossoming Bump offers support and education around pregnancy, birth and transitioning to parenthood by providing antenatal services to families in Mandurah and surrounding areas.

​Our class groups will be kept small (max 4 couples) to allow us to give you the time, attention and the support you deserve.

Having small groups will also help local expectant parents who are due around the same time to connect and form life-long friendships.


Blossoming Bump Boutique

At the boutique we only stock products that we truely believe may have a positive and useful impact on your pregnancy, labour and postpartum journey.


MONDAY 9:00-2:30

TUESDAY 9:00-2:30


THURSDAY 9:00-2:30

FRIDAY 9:00-2:30



Products available to order online for pick up or postage


The perinatal period, lasting from pregnancy to the first 12 months after giving birth can be a period of significant adjustment for the mother, child and other family members. There are major physical changes, emotional changes, and often lifestyle changes associated with this stage of life. Perinatal counselling helps parents-to-be and parents to adjust to this life stage and helps with related issues such as losses, grief, trauma, postnatal depression/anxiety and other perinatal disturbances.


For parent-infant or parent-toddler psychotherapy, parents and infants/young children attend together. This approach is used to explore difficulties with sleep, toilet training, tantrums, adaptation to fostering or adoption and other forms of early relationship difficulties caused by post- partum disturbances, chronic illness, disrupted attachment, separation and trauma.  The focus is on strengthening the attachment relationship between the child and her caregivers in order to prevent future difficulties. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 6.11.41 pm.png

Our Classes

Labour & Birth

Coping mechanisms for early labour

Analgesia options

Birth partners role

Upright labour & birth

How your baby will be monitored

Induction of labour/ Spontaneous labour


Alternative types of birth

Delayed cord clamping

The importance of skin to skin

The placenta

The importance of an early feed

Crash Course

This course will take you through the 3rd trimester, labour & birth and caring for your newborn.  We will help to inform, prepare and empower you so that you can feel confident and trust in your body's abilities.The course will cover common body changes, how to prepare our body for birth, You will learn lots of practical skills that will help prepare you, and your partner for the progress of labour, helping you to feel confident to stay at home until you are ready to head into the hospital. 

Breastfeeding Workshop

These workshops run on the last Thursday of the month and cover everything you need to know about breastfeeding your new baby. This session is delivered by one of our experienced Lactation Consultants and is designed to give you the tools and confidence for a successful breastfeeding relationship.


Rachael is a holistic practitioner aiming to provide an individualised approach to health. She specialises in providing nutritional guidance and support to pregnant women and women trying to conceive. Her individualised plan ensures that expectant mothers are getting the right nutrients for a health pregnancy.


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We aim to answer all queries within 48 hrs


86 Anstruther Road, Mandurah 6210.

Telephone 9520 5314

Fax 9544 5007

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