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Tracy Talbot

Brooke Harvey- Clinical Psychologist


My work experience spans both the private and public sectors, where I have developed a special interest in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health, and with young children who have experienced complex/developmental trauma. I aim to provide a warm, relational and trauma-informed therapeutic space for my clients, in which I draw primarily from attachment and mentalization-based treatment approaches.


When working with parents/caregivers, I offer a space to explore and reflect upon their own early experiences and the many unique challenges that the perinatal period and parenting in general presents. 

I have completed advanced trauma processing (EMDR) training specific to Perinatal and Infant Mental Health clients and additional training in EMDR protocols developed specifically for preverbal trauma and infants/young children. Combining this training and experience means I am able to support family members of all ages heal together from trauma occurring in the perinatal period. 


I am able to support caregivers and their new-borns/infants (0-2 years) overcome early challenges in their relationship through the dyadic, evidenced-based Attachment and Biobehavioural Catch-up (ABC) program, which is delivered in the client’s home. 


When working with young children, I offer play therapy/child psychotherapy, which provides a space for them to share and organise their inner world of complex feelings. I have years of experience providing EMDR therapy to children and young people (both standard protocol and interwoven with play therapy).


I am also a Board Approved Supervisor who enjoys supporting early career psychologists.

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Rachael Iddon- Maternal Nutritionalist


Liz Mercer
Endorsed Midwife
Founder of Blossoming Bump

Welcome to Blossoming Bump, I am a mum of four, a Clinical Midwife at Peel Health Campus as well as an Endorsed Midwife. I am also proudly the founder and creator of Blossoming Bump and Blossoming Bump Boutique.  ​

I worked and trained in a busy UK hospital that birthed over 9000 babies a year. I have experience in different areas of midwifery and have practiced in all models of maternity care, from high risk tertiary care through to low risk home births.   ​

All my pregnancies and births have been completely different, my first being a twin pregnancy which inspired me to start my career as a midwife. My last birth was at home birth with my daughter Emily. I was well educated and felt truly informed during that pregnancy and successfully had a vaginal birth after two caesarean sections. This truly empowered me and evolved my love of pregnancy education. ​ Blossoming Bump was established in early 2021, primarily to provide women in the Peel region with evidence based, informative and fun childbirth education classes. Expectant parents who attend our classes reported such positive feedback post birth that I was inspired to expand the services I provide, creating Blossoming Bump we have today!

My name is Rachael and I work within the the maternal health and nutrition realm. I am a holistic practitioner aiming to provide an individualised approach to health. I focus on nutrition and lifestyle adjustments. Tailoring each plan to suit the individuals needs; backed by science and the biochemistry of the client.

Book your initial consult to start your health journey today or send me an email to discuss further options available to suit your needs.

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