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3D and 4D scans provide a whole new level of detail and depth compared to traditional 2D scans. With 4D scans, you can see your baby's features, movements, and even facial expessions in real-time, it's like getting a sneak peak into their world before they're even born. These scans create precious memories and allow you to bond with your little one even before they arrive. Its truely an incredible experience!

Our Room

Relax in our warm, cozy retreat like, scanning room where you can enjoy the special moment of seeing your baby on the screen. 

The atmosphere is welcoming and inviting, making it a wonderful space to bond with your baby and create cherished memories. It's all about creating a comforting and enjoyable environment for you during this time.

Please note that our ultrasounds are elective and non-diagnostic. They do not replace your doctor-ordered ultrasounds. We offer no form of medical advice or diagnosis and cannot provide measurements of the baby or establish a due date.

A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to secure all booking when paying over the phone.

Packages Book between 27-32 weeks for best facial imaging


Reassurance scan to ease your fears, capturing a sneak peak of what your little bub is up to.



Gestation from 10 weeks 

Reassurance scans include:

Listen to Baby’s Heartbeat & Watch Baby’s Movement and Position

2D Ultrasound Only (Black and White)

Gender Not Inclusive 

2x ultrasound Thermal Black & White Images 

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